We are akribian

Akribian is made up of a diverse group of colleagues from all over the world. We are of different ages, have different experiences, backgrounds, hobbies and dreams. But we’re all passionate about helping children improve their math skills! You see, we know that early math mastery significantly impacts any student’s future school performance. So, when we improve early math skills in a fun and adaptive way, we can and will truly make a difference. 

Martin Hassler Hallstedt och Henrik Rosvall

How it all began

Akribian was founded by Martin Hassler Hallstedt, Doctor of Psychology and Henrik Rosvall, software developer and designer, in Lund 2017.

The name Akribian is derived from the Greek word akribeia, which means scientific precision. Precision and accuracy are the soul of our company as our educational app Count on me! is based on our founder’s Martin Hassler Hallstedt’s doctoral dissertation and has a scientifically proven effect.

Our educational app

The app Count on me! builds on a fun and science-based method of learning math for children between 6 and 9 years old. The method is based on learning psychology and has a scientifically proven effect.

Count on me! packages education into a game adventure in which the child proceeds by doing adaptive math tasks. This makes learning both fun and rewarding. 

The science behind the app

The aim of Martin Hassler Hallstedt’s doctoral research was to investigate the effect of addititional adaptive math training on a tablet, with the ambition to develop better learning methods for children. In his doctoral dissertation Closing the Gap he demonstrated that  students training with his program improved significantly in critical math skills compared to students who did not use the program.

Akribian + Massive

When developing an educational app for children one of the main challenges is to create an adventure that remains exciting and amusing. To ensure a high-quality game experience we have partnered up with the world-leading video game studio Massive Entertainment –  An Ubisoft Studio.

Through our partnership we can leverage Massive Entertainment’s game-design expertise and their Game Lab to test the game on children and receive feedback throughout the different development phases.

The game adventure

When the Magic Ruler disappears, a young Mathemagician is called to Numberia to clean up the chaos created by the angry Prince Claw and to return the Magic Ruler to its rightful place – before it’s too late.

Say hello to the team!

Martin Hassler Hallstedt

Henrik Rosvall

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