how it all began

Akribian was founded by Martin Hassler Hallstedt and Henrik Rosvall in Lund 2017. Martin is a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) psychologist who has been interested in the psychology of learning since his exchange studies in Germany in the 1990s. Henrik is a software developer and designer who knew how to create advanced computer programs before he could even ride a bike.

As a graduated psychologist, Martin worked in psychiatry for a few years, as well as running his own clinic. But he couldn’t let go of the idea of using his CBT expertise to create better ways of teaching and in 2006 he took a summer course at Morningside Teachers’ Academy in Seattle, USA – an acclaimed institute using research-based teaching methods since 1980. 


The visit was an eye opener to Martin and a few years later he applied to the postgraduate education program in psychology at Uppsala University with the ambition to develop better learning methods for children, using his knowledge in CBT. In his thesis Closing the Gap he proved that childrens’ math skills can be significantly improved by using a digital program, built on learning methods based on CBT.

Encouraged by the results, Martin wanted to develop and improve his method so that more children could benefit from it. He needed to find a skilled game developer who could turn the program from his research, Planetjakten (that later became Count on me!), into a mesmerizing and captivating math adventure for children.

Martin was introduced to Henrik, a skilled software developer and designer (and a passionate computer geek) who shares Martin’s passion to make education equal for all children and in 2017 they partnered up and established Scientific EdTech, that later became Akribian. Together they built a dedicated team of people from different backgrounds and cultures, bringing game design, tech, design and learning psychology together with the desire to create a digital adventure that turns children into math stars.