Anna Magneteg


Anna is an experienced digital marketing specialist with a demonstrated history of working in sales and marketing in educational industry both toward private consumers and public sector. Prior to Akribian she worked as a Digital Marketing Manager at Lekolar AB, the Nordic market leader in creating learning environments in schools and pre-schools, with an annual turnover of 1300 MSEK. When previously working at the publishing house Gleerups as a Business Area Aanager, Anna was among other things part of the team introducing the successful project ”Bok Happy Meal” together with Svenska McDonald’s and Föreningen Läsrörelsen.

Anna has previously lived in both Portugal and the US. In her free time she photography, going to concerts with her grown up children and swimming in the cold Swedish sea.

Cameron Green

Instructional Designer

Cameron has a BS in psychology and an MS in educational psychology and he is totally in love with the science of behavior analysis. Prior to joining Akribian, he worked as a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA), as a 6th grade teacher and also as the training manager at a company in USA. Cameron moved from Nevada to Sweden in 2020 to join the team at Akribian.

In his free time Cameron is currently learning Swedish and regularly shows off his newly acquired language skills during our fika breaks. And yes, Cameron makes the best American pancakes in the world.

Hanna Rosvall

Narrative Designer

Letters and writing were Hanna’s obsession even as a child. She started writing as soon as she could hold a pen and has been working internationally as a professional creative writer for 10+ years. In her early twenties, she got on the Cannes Young Lions shortlist. Hanna loves her job at Akribian – writing the dialogue in the game and imagine a storyline that makes sense. (As much sense as things can make in a fantasy world where everything is possible.)

When Hanna is not writing stories you might find her in the stable with the horses, walking her dog, doing yoga or daydreaming.

Henrik Rosvall

CTO, Founder

As a child, Henrik wanted to grow up to be an adventurer. And he kind of did. With a background as a programmer and designer, he has been working with games in multiple industries.

Equally caring as stubborn, he brings a design-driven approach to everything he does – even his family’s brand colours. He loves all things small and large, such as climbing mountain tops or watching insects with his macro lens.

Julia Kushnarova

2D Designer

Julia has a Bachelor’s degree in Design of Architectural Environment from the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. Before joining Akribian Julia worked as an architect and as a freelance 2D artist. At Akribian Julia is responsible for creating 2D art for game environment as well as designing game levels.

Julia lives in Lund with her boyfriend Oleksandr, who was the reason Julia moved to Sweden from Ukraine in 2015. (We are so grateful, Oleksandr!)

Li Kang

Full Stack Web Developer

Li has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in software engineering from Zhejiang University of Technology and Blekinge Tekniska Högskola. After doing his Master’s Thesis project at Axis Communications in Lund he worked as a Full Stack Web Developer with the E-commerce platform at Emmaljunga. In 2018 he joined the team at Akribian.

Li Kang is a passionate and motivated full-stack web developer and engineer, with a creative mind and strong ability to solve problems. He is knowledgeable in full-stack web development and his hands-on experience includes building web apps, using APIs and persistent data, and providing IT support.

Malin Rosenfrost

Game Programmer

Malin (or Marlin, which is her gamer nickname) is a passionate game programmer who has several years of experience from the game industry. Before joining Akribian she worked with gameplay programming at King and before that with indie games at a small studio in Malmö.

Malin likes entertainment of all kinds (especially indie games and books) and she loves animals, hiking in nature and to throw herself into various hobby projects. She doesn’t drink coffee, but strongly believes in the power of tea.

Martin Hassler Hallstedt

CEO, Founder

When Martin applied for the postgraduate education program in psychology at Uppsala University, it was with the ambition to develop better learning methods for children using his knowledge of CBT. In his doctoral dissertation he could scientifically prove the effects of his digital math prototype which is now being refined to the app Count on me.


Martin lives with his wife Karin, their three children and dog Ebbot (named after the Swedish singer) in a charming old house in Lund.

Per Wargéus

Chairman of the board

Serial entrepreneur Per has a proven record of building successful businesses. He started his very first company when he was studying for a Master’s degree of Science in electronic engineering at Lund University. Later he started the leading Nordic e-commerce supplier Avensia (which IPO’d in 2000).

Per lives with his wife Anna and seven goldfishes in the centre of Lund. He likes to play Trivial Pursuit both as a board game and as a digital game, and he was was once a master at playing Donkey Kong.

Thomas George

Unity Developer

Thomas is an experienced Game Programmer who joined Akribian in August 2020. He was born in Tennessee and grew up with video games, playing all kinds of different genres which made him the pro he is today, an excellent gameplay programmer and unity developer.

In his spare time Thomas watches a decent amount of anime and plays a ton of video games. He is an avid music listener and loves all kinds of music – but especially electro swing and heavy metal.