Let your children learn maths in a Mathemagical adventure game!

Photo: Kasper Dalkarl

After years of research, development, play testing and evaluation, the embedded teaching game Count on me! has been released. Let your child explore the magical realm of Numberia, help the inhabitants to reinforce Math Magic and become a true Mathemagician, all while practicing and mastering important maths skills.

What is Count on me?

Count on me! is the next generation of educational games, combining science and game design to transform learning maths into something to look forward to. This results in better maths learning, whilst also creating fun and captivating moments. In Count on me, children embark on a Mathemagical journey as they are put in the shoes of a young Mathemagician. By practicing maths skills, they charge their Math Magic that they can use to progress through the story – until they finally become the heroes of Numberia.

Why Count on me?

You and your child might have tried a few maths apps or educational games before, but you may not know that many of the apps and games on the market lack scientific evidence. We don’t want to be like other maths apps, which is why we founded Akribian and built Count on me! Unlike other educational maths apps, Count on me! is based on the doctoral research of Akribian’s CEO and co-founder, Martin Hassler Hallstedt, and built on the most effective method in the history of psychology; CBT. Martin’s research shows that children who practice maths using Count on me! improve their maths skills by 60%, compared to the children who did not use the app.

What is the game about?

Numberia has been a peaceful place for a long time, but everything changed when Prince Claw inherited the throne. Prince Claw could not figure out how to master the Magic Ruler – the key to Math Magic – and threw the Magic Ruler into the sea. Your child, the young Mathemagician, finds a book with a secret manual and the Magic Ruler (which the mentor Mıka, managed to rescue from the sea). The young Mathemagician, your child, is the only one who can save Numberia by restoring the Math Magic to the realm.

Sounds fun, right? And don’t worry about the screen time. The game only takes around 15 minutes per day before the young Mathemagician needs to rest and come back the next day to continue their adventure.

How do I help my child become the next hero of Numberia?

The first step towards becoming a true Mathemagician is simple: visit the Apple App Store on your iPad & search for Count on me! Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply create an account and let your child start the journey towards becoming the hero of Numberia. You can also find the app by following this link: Download Count on me! in Apple App Store 

Let’s create some Math Magic together!