What maths skills will my child learn in Count on me?

While teachers put in equal time, effort, and energy to helping individual pupils in the classroom, not all children are at the same maths level at the same time. In addition, all students enter maths classes with different backgrounds and learning histories. 

Some of them come in with a lot of previous knowledge, and some do not. Some of them might learn faster, and others might need some extra help and repetition. Daily practice of maths is one way to build fluency and ensure retention of these essential early maths skills. But if the maths tasks get more challenging at a pace that not all pupils can keep up with, they might lose interest or motivation and necessary maths skills needed in their future education.

One way of helping your 5–7-year-old children learn maths is by letting them play Count on me! where they get to practice and master early maths skills adapted to their abilities and learning pace. Count on me! is developed with one foot in game design and the other in science and learning methods. This creates a unique combination that not only helps your child practice and learn math but also keeps them motivated to continue their maths practising – day after day!

The maths skills that your children will be learning and mastering in Count on me! on their journey towards becoming a Mathemagician are the following:

Intro to pattern recognition

Maths, at its core, is built on patterns in different forms. By learning and mastering the ability to recognise and see the continuation of patterns, either by using numbers or shapes, your children will develop their logical thinking and analysing skills. One way for your children to practice pattern recognition in Count on me! is by filling in the part in a pattern that is missing.

Pattern recognition in Count on me!

Equality and Inequality

Your children will practice and master identifying whether two numbers are equal or not equal. Equality and inequality include conceptual knowledge, such as that five objects are equivalent to the numeral “5”. The concepts of equality and inequality lay the groundwork for the future skills of solving addition and subtractions equations. Before a child can understand that 3+2=5, they must have a firm conceptual understanding of equality and inequality. They will also learn the symbols for expressing these relations.

Intro to addition and subtraction

In Count on me! Your children will learn and master the basics of subtraction and addition, starting with the single-digit numbers 0-9. As their knowledge increases, they will continue to practice addition and subtraction for numbers 9-20. They will also practice maths facts and maths families and learn the symbols that express addition and subtraction and their meanings.

Single-digit addition and subtraction fluency

Whilst your children practice and master both addition and subtraction, Count on me! does not only focus on practising until they get the correct answers – but it also makes sure that they know the answers to the equations by heart. Research shows that the faster and easier they can answer math facts, the more likely they are to retain this knowledge in the future and be able to use it in more complex math problems

In Count on me! children are guided and supported until they reach an answer speed of 14 or more correct maths facts per minute for both the single-digit and double-digit numbers in addition and subtraction.

Addition in Count on me!

Intro to multiplication and division

Your children will move on to learning and practising the maths concepts of both multiplication and division for the numbers 0-12. They will explore and practice maths facts and maths families and how they can look within these concepts and identify and understand the meanings of the symbols that express division and multiplication.

Multiplication and division fluency

As the same way of helping your children master fluency of subtraction and addition, Count on me! also focuses on getting them fluent within multiplication and division for numbers 0-12. Your children will master an answer time rate of 14 correct answers per minute for fluency within these maths concepts.

More learning content to come!

Even though Count on me! already contains over 6000 different math tasks, we are constantly developing and adding more maths tasks and concepts to the app. For example, one of the concepts presented and learned within the app and is currently undergoing further development is place value. With place value, your children learn how a digit can be valued differently depending on where in a number it is placed. So, for example, in 15 it’s 5 – but in 50 it’s fifty!

Place value in Count on me!

Count on me! is not only a digital maths homework but a thrilling adventure that makes children fall in love with the subject while boosting their confidence to learn and practice even more often. Children want to return to the Math Magic and the adventure in Numberia each day until they become true Mathemagicians.

Just as when learning an instrument or a new sport, children should practise until the skill is second nature. The same is true for maths, where children often learn math facts but can only recall the facts slowly and with great effort. Daily practice in Count on me! can make that remembrance quick, easy, and even fun!