Instructional Designer

Open position:

Instructional Designer

Would you like to join us in making math learning data-driven?

Full-time position in Lund, Sweden.

Have you thought about learning as a set of human behaviours? A positive learning outcome can be seen as a product of wanted behaviours. What makes this interesting from a technological perspective is that those behaviours can be operationalised and measured. Measurements can then be analysed and results can yield new objectives, hypothesis, learning instructions. When this process is automated, the efficiency of learning can suddenly leap decades in the right direction – straight into the digital era. This is what we are doing, and with proof from research showing that it works, we can focus on making learning individualised and fun. 

Are you an instructional designer and find yourself intrigued by this project, you might be just the person we are eagerly looking for!

We are developing a data-driven learning game called Count on me! where the child takes the role of a hero – a young mathemagician – who is sent on an important mission to restore order in the realm of Numberia. We are looking for a backend developer to join our team.

We are a small indie studio located in the heart of Lund, surrounded by cobblestone streets, coffee shops and a smell of fresh bagels in the morning. As a tight 10 person team, we work closely and share perspectives from our different backgrounds and cultures, bringing game design, tech, design and learning psychology to the table.

The role – Instructional designer

We would like to invite a new member to our international learning content team of experts within instructional design and behaviour analysis. The team focuses on designing engaging and effective instructions. You will have excellent support from our tech people, user testers and our network of test schools to develop rapidly and iteratively.


  • Creating effective digital math instructions for 7-15 year old children
  • Experience from content and task analysis as well as formative evaluation
  • Work with a hands-on engineering approach, prototyping and iterating


  • Solid background in behaviour analysis and instructional design
  • Knowledge and experience from content and task analysis
  • Understanding of formative evaluation
  • Understanding of children’s instructional needs
  • Experience from agile and iterative workflows
The position is planned to start as soon as possible.


Submit your application to Martin by email and we’ll get in touch soon! Apart from your CV and work experience, please make sure to tell us a little about yourself and who you are. In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Martin Hassler Hallstedt

Founder, CEO