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Examples of math magic found in nature

Every time you pass a tree on a walk or see a spider web in your basement, you see examples of the wonders of nature, all based on maths concepts. So, maths is all around us, and sometimes we just need a reminder to see it more precise. If you begin to acknowledge the maths in nature today, you will see its beauty everywhere every day. Once you have seen it, you can’t unsee it!

5 ways you can help your child practice maths in the kitchen

Young children learn the best by doing, being able to relate, and often through games. By learning by doing, children’s experiences become more meaningful, and they retain their knowledge.
For example, cooking contains a lot of maths without us even thinking about it. And the kitchen is a place filled with shapes, measurements, time and following logical steps – all things maths concepts.

That’s why cooking with your children is such a good way for you to incorporate learning maths into a daily task without it having to take extra time.

We have summarized five maths activities to make it easier for you as a parent to practice maths in the kitchen with your child.