Welcome to Numberia
the world of mathemagic

Welcome to Numberia – the realm of numbers. It is a peaceful number land governed by Math Magic … until Prince Claw inherits the throne. Because the prince has never been able to learn how to master Math Magic, he decides to forbid it. In a moment of despair, and without understanding the consequences, Prince Claw throws the Magic Ruler – the key to Math Magic – into the sea.

Numberia is thrown into a state of chaos. Míka, one of the ancient mathemagicians, manages to rescue the Magic Ruler but is captured by Prince Claw’s Mouse Soldiers shortly after that. In one last attempt to save Numberia, Míka writes a manual and sends the Magic Ruler to Earth.

This is the part where your child, the young mathemagician, steps in. Your child is the only one who can return the Magic Ruler to its rightful place and bring Math Magic back to Numberia – before it’s too late.


In chapters 1–4 of Count on me! your child, i.e. the young mathemagician, gets to explore the first four locations of Numberia. Guided by mentor Míka, your young mathemagician travels from the Gizmo Islands to Mole’s Glade and Acorn Valley while practising Math Magic. The road to Magikon is paved with twists and turns, friends and frenemies. Although the Magic Ruler can solve most problems, there are also other valuable insights along the way.  

Can your young mathemagician conquer the chaos caused by Prince Claw and make it to Magikon without being captured by the Mouse Soldiers?

Meet the characters

Young mathemagician (The character played by your child.)

It’s still summer, and almost a month until school begins. Our young mathemagician feels a bit lost and lonely having left all friends behind when moving to a new city.  But everything changes when Young mathemagician finds a mysterious notebook containing what looks like a piece of a broken ruler. As soon as the Young mathemagician touches the ruler piece, Young mathemagician is teleported to Numberia and our adventure begins.

Míka (The Mentor, guiding Young Mathemagician through Numberia)

Míka is a very old and wise and also mysterious Mathemagician untouched by age. We first meet Míka at the very beginning of the game, when her little birds bring the Magic Ruler to our Young Mathemagician. When Young Mathemagician arrives to Numberia Míka is imprisoned in a tower at Magikon. The Mouse Soldiers have locked her away because she tried to prevent Prince Claw from destroying the Magic Ruler. Until our Young Mathemagician sets Míka free, she communicates telepathically, through the Magic Ruler.

Matina (the Master Inventor)

From a young age, Matina was obsessed with how mechanical things work. Coming from a family of Master Inventore, it’s no surprise that Matina became an inventor as well. Matina knows just about everything and everyone and becomes an important early ally for our Young mathemagician.

We meet Matina in the beginning of the story when Míka guides Young Mathemagician to Matina’s home on the Gizmo isles. Matina never thought she would be alive to experience the return of Mathemagic but instantly recognises Young Mathemagician as the chosen one and wants to help in any way she can.


* BLINK * (our sidekick)

*BLINK* is a a helpful sidekick in many ways. Its skills include, but are not limited to, counting, dancing, and being a moral compass. When faced with a tough task, our Young Mathemagician can always ask *BLINK* for advice – as long as the answer can be boiled down to “YES” or “NO”. 


The Twin Folk (Mathemagical creatures)

Twins are like the fairies of Numberia. They work behind the scenes, deeply connected to the unseen mathemagical currents of the world. No one is exactly sure what it is that the Twins do, but many see them as guardians of nature. Twins are   peace – loving creatures that bring harmony wherever they go. They are funny, bouncy, joyful and enjoy every moment of their lives. However, if a pair of twins were to be separated – which is extremely rare – they become fierce and fearful, not stopping before they are reunited with their twin.



M.Mercad (the mischievous mole merchant)

Those that journey through Numberia can be sure to have at least one encounter with the master of underground business: M. Mercado. No one in Numberia really knows where this travelling medieval merchant came from or where he lives. However, loyal customers can be sure to find him at his regular trading posts. The clients that require more discretion will usually meet M. Mercado in one of his underground offices. How can he travel so quickly? That’s a part of the mystery (and probably involves a sophisticated network of tunnels).

Enjoy the first version
of the game before it is
officially released

Count on me! will be officially launched in English and Swedish in the beginning of 2021 – but your child can access the magic world of Numberia already this autumn!

By backing our Kickstarter campaign your child will get a chance to experience the magical world of Numberia before everybody else does – and as a parent you’ll get the chance to affect the final product by giving us feedback on what is good and what can get even better.