Count on me! Subscriptions & Pricing

Your subscription to Count on me! costs just £3.99/month and includes:

  • 7-day free trial

    All new users receive a seven-day, commitment-free trial at no cost.

  • Up to 5 users

    One subscription includes accounts for up to 5 budding Mathemagicians.

  • 100% ad free

    Your subscription supports Count on me! and allows it to remain ad-free.

  • No in-app purchases

    After subscribing, Count on me! contains no additional in-app purchases.

  • Cancel at any time

    With our monthly subscriptions, you are not locked in at all. Simply cancel your subscription via the App Store.

  • Secure payments

    Payments are processed securely through the App Store, with no card details shared with Akribian.

  • Data Privacy

    We do not collect identifiable personal data. Collected data is used for diagnostic purposes (eg app crashes or bug reports)

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding support for Family Sharing IDs is a top priority for us, and we hope to have a solution shortly. If you are unable to create an account without this, please email us at, as we may have a temporary fix for the short-term.

Currently, all subscriptions are processed in the Count on me! app itself. When you download and open Count on me!, you are asked to sign in with Apple, at which point you will be able to purchase your subscription through the App Store. In this way, Akribian never receives any payment information or card details.