Teaching KS1 students with maths games

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What you need to know about using a maths game to teach KS1 students

Kids are imaginative, creative, and playful, but maths is often regarded by children as a chore – something that just needs to be done, and packaged in a one-size-fits-all way. What if we could teach maths in a way that fosters students’ curiosity, allowing them to experience the process of learning mathematics through a fun maths game? That’s why we created Count on me! – a maths game for students in KS1.

Just 15 minutes per day
It takes only 15 minutes each day to teach important math skills for life

Mathematics focus
Count on me! focuses on maths, the strongest predictor for future academic success

Adaptive content
Learning content adapts to each child’s individual knowledge of mathematics

Game & science combined
Using Game-Embedded Teaching, we merge game design with learning

What is the Count on me! maths game?

Count on me! is a mathematics game based on the principles of Game-Embedded Teaching, which means that it is both scientifically proven and presented to pupils in fun and captivating packaging – a game! By using Count on me! as a tool for learning maths, students improve their numeracy, maths fluency, and their general understanding of mathematics.

What age groups is Count on me! suitable for?

Count on me! is a mathematics game developed for 5-7 year old children. This means that the game’s maths content is primarily in line with the KS1 standards.

Our research shows that the teaching method behind Count on me! is particularly impactful for students who struggle with maths, so it may also be suitable for older students who have difficulty with some earlier maths principles like pattern recognition, equalities, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

How can I use a mathematics game in the classroom?

By using Count on me! in the classroom, you can turn learning maths from something that is too hard for some students, too easy for others, and boring for many, into an educational experience that adapts to each individual pupil’s progress while keeping it fun!

That’s right – the learning content in Count on me! automatically adapts to each pupil’s knowledge and development of maths skills to make sure that they keep developing. All it takes is 15–20 minutes of gameplay per day. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-none, cookie-cutter worksheets and assignments. Say hello instead to Game-Embedded Teaching.

I want to teach with Count on me! How can I get started?

We already have pilot programs being trialled in several schools – would you like yours to be one of them? 

Right now, we are working with schools to further prove our methodolgy and results with low SES students, as this is a big area of improvement in countries all around the world. If you think your school or class group could be suitable, please contact us directly through the form below.

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Feedback from teachers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Not yet, but we’re working on this! For schools in pilot programs, we provide data in the form of pre- and post-trial reports, showing students’ progress in both accuracy and speed. We are currently working on a way for teachers to be able to monitor and evaluate their pupils’ progress at their own convenience. We will update this page when this functionality is released.

    The logins for students are created manually by us at Akribian and then sent to you within the school. If you want to create accounts for your students to try the game in your classroom, please contact us using the form above. 

    The Count on me! maths app is currently available for iPad and iPhone only and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store. Please note that the iPad or iPhone needs to run on iOS 13.0 or higher for Count on me! to work correctly. 

    We are also working on an Android version of Count on me! This is estimated to be released in 2023.

    If a student can’t find their login details or needs help resetting a password, please email us at support@akribian.com

    We always appreciate hearing from teachers, whether you already have students using Count on me! or you’re interested in learning more about teaching KS1 or KS2 students with maths games. For any feedback, even if it’s something like a bug or a glitch in the game, please don’t hesitate to let us know via our support email – support@akribian.com!