Children in Eslöv get digital math education

Exciting news: The municipality of Eslöv has decided to re-think the way they teach math in first and second grade. We’re looking forward to this municipal cooperation as it will give us valuable classroom insights.

“Digitalisation is teamwork. In this project, we work closely with all stakeholders involved in the future of education – students, teachers, decision-makers – to get a deeper understanding of user needs”, says our CTO and co-founder Henrik.

The cooperation aims to create an efficient, standardised and scalable method that ensures the scientific quality of math education in Swedish schools.


The Eslöv cooperation also allows us to continue the research that is the base of our digital learning tool. A research team lead by our founder and CEO, Martin, will use before and after measurements to identify common challenges and develop remedies that support teachers in their work.

“My research shows that 19 hours of training with our digital learning tool corresponds to approximately 6 months of regular teaching. I’m confident that the Eslöv project has great potential to increase student equivalence, decrease knowledge segregation and help students reach math goals”, says Martin.

Math education developer Dr Lassana Ouattara, together with teachers in the municipality of Eslöv, will systematically evaluate the learning performance of students using our digital learning tool. Although teachers commit to using our digital learning tool in their classrooms, they are free to complement the exercises through other classroom activities.

“By creating a standardised program, we address the increasing problem of insufficient knowledge support in schools. Teachers can feel safe knowing that they have a tool that provides them with tangible guidance and a high level of goal achievement – a user- friendly and quality assured resource for math education.”

Dr Lassana Ouattara
Math education developer, Eslöv municipality

First and second-grade students in the municipality of Eslöv will begin using our digital learning tool in January 2020. Stay tuned for future updates!

Is your municipality interested in a math education cooperation? Get in touch with Martin (contact details are in the end of this article).



Our CEO and founder. Read more about Martin’s research and the science behind our digital learning tool here.


Lassana works as a math education developer at Eslöv municipality and has extensive experience in professional development for teachers. He is a certified teacher (3rd grade to high school) with a PhD in physics, nanoscience, from Lund University, where he has worked as a lecturer. Lassana also has a background in science education research. He was a project manager at the National Resource Centre for Physics Education, and course director for two pedagogical courses at Lund University.


Ata works at the Karolinska Institute and researches Clinical Psychology, Behavioural Science, and Clinical Neuroscience. He is an expert in eating disorders and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and has vast experience in conducting studies using gold- standard research methods (e.g., randomised controlled trials, RCT).

(Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn finances the project.)