Learning maths should be fun, right?

That is why we created Count on me! 

Count on me! is the epic maths adventure game that combines learning and fun. Ideal for ages 5–7, the app allows every child to become the hero of their learning journey. It combines the latest research from learning psychology with a story-driven adventure to make learning an experience of a lifetime.

Count on me! invites children to step into the shoes of a young Mathemagician – the only one who can save Numberia from chaos. To power up the Magic Ruler and progress through the story, each player completes maths exercises adapted to their level of knowledge. 

Count on me! trailer

Learning is an Adventure

Our educational maths app Count on me! combines research-based learning methods with a fun and exciting adventure game to teach children the most important mathematics skills. The child progresses through the story by doing maths exercises adapted to the child’s performance and level of knowledge. This makes the learning fun and effective.

Welcome to Numberia

Numberia is a peaceful place governed by the Royal House of Kattegat. Wise kings and queens use Math Magic for the highest good of all and seek the advice of Míka, “the Mentor”, in all mathemagical matters.

“I really like the idea of combining math with a fun game experience. Victor has been using the beta version of the app for a while and he just loves it! He is absorbed by the adventure and he kind of forgets that he is practicing his math skills at the same time.”
Victor's mother
“As a teacher, I know how important it is to master mathematics at a young age, and how important it is to keep repeating. Julia plays the beta version of Count on me! 15 minutes a day and I can really see how it builds her self-confidence in maths.“
Teacher & Julia's grandmother

Would your child enjoy learning through an adventure?

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