Looking for the best maths app for your kids?

Information for parents

Look no further: the Count on me! maths app is here to help.

In this maths app for kids aged 5-7, players will explore the magical realm of Numberia, help the inhabitants to reinforce Math Magic, and become a true Mathemagician – practicing and mastering important maths skills throughout. 

Just 15 minutes per day
It takes only 15 minutes each day to teach important math skills for life

Mathematics focus
Count on me! focuses on maths, the strongest predictor for future academic success

Adaptive content
Learning content adapts to each child’s individual knowledge of mathematics

Game & science combined
Using Game-Embedded Teaching, we merge game design with learning

What is the Count on me! maths app?

Count on me! is a maths app where children aged 5–7 embark on a Mathemagical journey as they are put in the shoes of a young Mathemagician. By practicing their maths skills, they charge their Math Magic and progress through the story – until they finally become the heroes of Numberia.

Children will learn and practice basic maths skills suitable for KS1 & KS2 levels, while exploring the realm of Numberia and meeting its fantastical inhabitants.

Why is this a suitable maths app for kids?

What sets Count on me! apart in the list of best maths apps for kids is the use of Game-Embedded Teaching. By merging learning outcomes with high-quality game design, Count on me! keeps children entertained as well as educated during their screen time.

You and your child may have downloaded a few maths apps or educational games before. What you may not know that many of the apps and games on the market lack a grounding in scientific evidence. Martin and Henrik, the founders of Akribian, wanted Count on me! to stand apart from other maths apps. To do so, they designed the app using the latest research within learning psychology and the most effective learning method: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Children who practice maths using Count on me! improve their maths skills by 60%, compared to the children who did not use the app – and all it takes is 15–20 minutes of gameplay per day. Say goodbye to mind-numbing screen time and distractions. Instead, say hello to this new, entertaining way to learn mathematics. 

Where can I download the Count on me! maths app?

To help your children become the heroes of Numberia, go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad and download Count on me! Once you’ve downloaded the maths app, in a few short steps you can create an account, subscribe, and be immersed in a world of Math Magic. Remember, the first week of gameplay is free for all new users!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet. A way for parents to monitor and evaluate their children’s increased maths knowledge is something that we are developing. We will let you know when this functionality is released. 

What makes game-embedded teaching apps like Count on me! different to traditional mathematics apps is that they incorporate learning moments into a game, rather than adding elements of gamification into education. Many popular mathematics apps lack scientifically-proven (and rigorously tested) results. This means that there is no evidence to show long-term, statistically significant improvement in maths knowledge after using these apps.

On the other hand, the science behind Count on me! has been proven through the most academically-rigorous review process, giving parents and teachers the confidence that time their children and students spend playing Count on me! is time well spent.

Thanks to Game-Embedded Teaching, you can comfortably let your child play Count on me! in the knowledge that they are learning and mastering important early maths skills while doing so. 

Learn more about Game-Embedded Teaching here.

The Count on me! maths app is currently available for iPad and iPhone only and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store. Please note that the iPad or iPhone needs to run on iOS 13.0 or higher for Count on me! to work correctly. 

We are also working on an Android version of Count on me! This is estimated to be released in 2023.

We love hearing from parents whose children are learning maths with Count on me! For any feedback, even if it’s something like a bug or a glitch in the game, please don’t hesitate to let us know via our support email – support@akribian.com!